Tserkezoglou Textiles

Textile designer and weaving specialist 

Adamantia Tserkezoglou is a designer. During her time at Heriot Watt University she studied printing, knitting and specialised in woven textiles.

Growing up she spent most of her free time in nature; sailing, hiking and scuba diving. Her mother would take her to design, art and architecture exhibitions in Athens which further influenced her interests and perception of beauty.


During her time as a student she travelled across Europe for museum exhibitions and to learn about culture and history.

Having spent a lot of time both near the sea and living in an urban environment, she tries to find ways to bring the two together in her work. 

She is fascinated by how nature and tradition can be intertwined with technology. Bringing together harmonious colours with a twist, she strives to find unexpected combinations which excite the eye.

Adamantia studied at Heriot Watt University in Scotland and ENSAIT University in France as part of the ERASMUS programme.


Volcanic Phantasmagoria